Better - Works to reduce back and wrist
strain from repeated lifting and digging


Garden Smarter, Not Harder!

For anyone who struggles with the awkward and frustrating chore of mulching or composting their garden, The Mulch Fork & Spade brings ease and finesse because of its smart ergonomic design that allows for easy one-arm operation. The spade attachment provides incredible leverage and power to dig while keeping your wrist in a comfortable position for planting perennials and annuals.


The Mulch Fork
1. Close-set bedding-fork style tines are the ideal design for extracting, lifting and applying mulch and compost. 

The Spade
1. Spade head is shaped perfectly for quick digging to plant perennials and annuals.
2. Shovels to big, a trowel is too small, the spade is the perfect size for planting perennials and annuals in your garden or a pot.