1. Compact Design

  • Allows you to work in tight spaces with accuracy and finesse in your garden
  • Keeps the tool close to the body to help with back strain and fatigue
  • Compact enough fit in a wheelbarrow. Allows easy extraction of mulch from a wheelbarrow, bag, or bucket without having to use an unwieldy long-handled pitchfork.
  • Can be used with two hands for the quick application and “pitching” of mulch and for digging plant holes for perennials and annuals.
  • Lighter weight and more maneuverable than a long-handled pitchfork.
  • Can be used with right or left arm.
  • Small size for easy storage and transportability. A practical alternative purchase to a long-handled pitchfork for a homeowner with a small property.
  • Smart, sophisticated, elegant design

2. One-Arm Operation

  • Allows a person to use free hand to pull back branches and leaves of plants in order to lay mulch precisely where desired without burying the plant.  Apply perfectly.

3. Ease of Use/Comfortability

  • Mulch without the back strain caused by a long-handled pitchfork.  The Mulch Fork allows you to work with good posture because the weight you are lifting is closer to your body core.
  • Ergonomic design to reduce stress, strain and fatigue from repeated lifting of heavy loads of mulch or compost, and from digging motion.