A Note To Gardeners

Imagine acquiring a fabulous piece of art.  It is something you are proud of and worked very hard to obtain.  Instead of putting it in a well-lit protected place above the mantle piece, you decide to put it outside to be subjected to the wind, weather and elements.  This piece of art changes constantly having moments of glory when it looks its best, and moments of despair when you wish it would simply disappear.  And, frequently when the piece of art has reached a pleasing level of satisfaction, it decides on its own to expand rudely beyond its intended space, or even leave you unexpectedly altogether. 

We have given a benign and pastoral name to this amazing challenge of collecting and displaying living art in an outdoor environment.  It is called gardening.  It is obvious that if gardening did not provide us with immense rewards and joy, then no one would ever continue the toil.  And, for those of us that call ourselves gardeners, we realize the passion that comes from deep within us is intrinsic and an essential part of our natural being and soul.   Gardening is an appreciation for an art of a higher calling.

I am pleased that you and I are gardeners, and that we are on the journey together.

Steve Van Valin