The Mulch ForkTM
The world's first ergonomic one arm pitchfork


The world's first ergonomic one arm pitchfork for applying mulch and compost.

Watch our 3-minute video that shows The Mulch ForkTM in action.


The Mulch ForkTM is a smart tool for home gardeners and landscape professionals:

 • No more burying plants in a heap of mulch. Now you'll have a free hand to pull back  branches and plant leaves. 

• Easily apply mulch precisely where you want it.  

  • Work in tight spaces with accuracy and finesse.  

 • It's ambidextrous.  Use it with your right or left arm.

 • The perfect tool for extracting mulch from a wheelbarrow. Highly maneuverable compact design. 

• Lift heavy loads without the strain.  The patented ergonomic handle provides powerful lifting leverage even with one arm.

NEW: Designed with a clever spade head attachment - perfect for planting annuals, perennials and small shrubs.

$59 (plus shipping) 



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